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Silver Creek kitchen update

I’m so excited to be sharing this update with you today! Our kitchen is the heart and soul of your home and while we have been making slow changes since moving in, we are now on to some of the finale changes.

Where do I even begin, so much has happened just in the past week (trying to keep your minds occupied) let’s start with the DIY countertop cabinet.

For months now I’ve been trying to figure out a cost effective way to add a countertop cabinet to our kitchen. All of my favorite kitchen designs have them, and I needed one! Let‘s be real here, old homes either have a lot of storage or absolutely no storage at all, and well, Silver Creek Cottage didn’t necessarily lack storage it just lacked updated, stylish storage.

My original idea was to find a hutch top, paint it to match the existing cabinets and throw it up there. As much as I loved this cost effective idea, I couldn’t find the perfect hutch. I’ve been searching since October. Of course, Mr. Silver Creek offered his talents and said he would custom make me a cabinet but, that poor man works so much, he needed a building break. We decided while standing in the hardware store that two unfinished prefabricated cabinets was the winner!

The cabinets would ultimately match our existing upper cabinets and it would have been about the same cost if the Mr built one on his own, including his time. This choice in the end saved him from having to build anything.

A few minor modifications took place to make these cabinets look like one seamless cabinet and to fit properly in this space. We ended up having to cut about an inch off the trim of one of the cabinets. Then we glued a piece of thin underlayment over the seam to hide where the cabinets met.

I also ended up painting it the same color as our existing cabinets and we still need to add the hardware.

Our next project was the infamous hood vent! If you have been following along for awhile you know I have been waiting on a hoodvent for about a year now. It just happened this was a project that wasn’t high on our priority list but, she is finally getting done.

We ended up having to take the DIY cover down because of a few measurement errors. At first I was a little disappointed but, of course as always we came up with a better plan that I think I’ll love even more now.

We still need to tie up these two projects but, I couldn’t wait to give you all an update!

I’ll be back to show the finale two projects soon. Thank you so much for stopping by the blog today. It truly means so much to all of us here at Silver Creek Cottage.

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