Found it for less. Marble accents.

Updated: Nov 30, 2021

Marble, what‘s not to love. The color, the veining, and the texture are a luxurious yet, classic element especially in the kitchen, and it never goes out of style.

Recently it seems to be gaining in popularity again. But, dont worry you don’t have to demo your kitchen to get the look and feel of marble.

You can add accent pieces that are affordable and it will give your kitchen the same look and overall feel. While marble isn’t the most budget friendly even for some decor pieces, I found pieces that are affordable for all budgets. Click the picture below and it will take you directly to the item.

Pastry slabs are a great way to add marble to your countertops.

First is this one here for our “high end” item.

Now our “found it for less”

Paper towel holder: high end.

“Found it for less”

Salt and pepper shakers “high end”

“Found it for less” and it’s nearly the same exact set.

Last “high end” a napkin holder.

And the last ”found it for less” and again a near identical match to the high end for quite a bit less.

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