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Found it for less, Kitchen edition

Updated: Nov 30, 2021

A few weeks back on my social media platforms, I mentioned getting more organized not only in life but, with how I create and share. I made a better routine and schedule for myself when it comes to my social media channels, and blog that I now have guaranteed content weekly. Woohoo! No more stress of not knowing what to create or post. This schedule will change over time I’m sure, and just to keep things fresh and fun. All of this is actually allowing me to create fully again.

I love that freedom, with absolutely no pressures, all while utilizing my blog more.

Starting off the week I’ll be sharing high end items, and then I’ll share the low end, just as good, and just as beautiful items. We’ll call this series ‘Found it for less”

Today I’m sharing some items that make up the heart of the home, the kitchen. Some of the low end or more affordable items, I own personally and love. *Note- Some links will be affiliate links, not all just a few. meaning I will make pennies for a click or a percentage for a purchase through the link.

You can shop all of the items, high end or low end by clicking on the individual image below.

What do you think of these new series!? Any areas of the home you’d like me to tackle!? Tell me your thoughts over on my Instagram, I’d love to hear from you. As always, thank you for visiting the blog and supporting me.

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