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Dollar Tree DIY

I am always on the hunt for great budget friendly décor or ways to update décor I already have with items from places like the Dollar Tree. I’m so excited to share with you three crafts I came up with, with one Dollar Tree product. You have read that right one product, in three different ways, and that product happens to be faux leather ribbon! Modern cottage décor seems to be the latest trend but, here at Silver Creek Cottage we strongly believe that to keep your home up to date and trendy it shouldn’t break the bank, you shouldn’t have to go buy all new décor to make your home trendy. We believe you can makeover what you already have to transform your spaces. For the first project I made a leather wrapped vase. I always seem to have clear glass jars or vases laying around but, if you do not have an extra vase on hand, the Dollar Tree has some great vase options for only one dollar. For my first project it literally took me less then 10 minutes and it is so easy that anyone or any crafting skill level can do this. I started by measuring the faux leather ribbon by wrapping it around my vase 3 times before cutting it.

When it comes to décor I like doing things in threes. I feel that it is aesthetically pleasing to the eye. Once I got my leather measurement, I cut the ribbon, then I punched two holes one at each end of the ribbon using a basic paper hole punch and then I attached two eyelets in those holes.

Once the eyelets were on, I wrapped the ribbon around my vase, then I tied it shut with a piece of scrap ribbon. I took that scrap piece and cut it in half, then length wise, essentially creating a skinnier piece of ribbon for the closing tie.

For this project I used one spool of ribbon costing me only $1..00 and if you need to buy a vase for this project it would cost $2.00

Now, on to project # 2!

I updated a thrift store stool we already had using the same faux leather ribbon.

I have had this stool for some time now, I love the wood tone and the warmth it brings to the home but, the top was unfortunately slightly damaged.

I really did not want to paint it and cover up the whole thing and end up covering the beautiful wood tones so, I covered up the damaged top by using the same Dollar Tree Faux Leather Ribbon that I used for project number one. For this project I started by measuring out my strips and cutting them to size. When I measured I kept in mind that I wanted to glue the strips under the seat so you wouldn’t be able to see where or how it was attached.

Now it was on to hot gluing each individual strip on.

When hot gluing, I made sure to only glue the ends so I can achieve a basket type weave pattern.

and, that was it. I used 3 spools for ribbon for this project. so, $3.00 total to upgrade an already had stool.

now for project number three. I had some scraps of the leather ribbon left and some eyelets leftover still so I decided to wrap some beeswax candles I already had.

I had just enough scraps to do three candles.

All I did for this project was I wrapped a candle while leaving a little over hang of ribbon. That over hang is where the eyelet will go.

The eyelets are essentially going to act as a weight so it can stand freely. I punched a hole where I wanted the eyelets to go and then I attached the eyelet.

Once I got my eyelet attached I was done.

these little leather candle wraps were the perfect way to not waste any leftovers and they added a modern cottage vibe with seamlessly no effort.

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