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DIY Textile Art

I love creating art for my home, it is truly a personal reflection of us, that can have meaning or memories built in. I normally create art with a canvas, some paint, and my brushes.

This time I wanted to create art for our small, yet mighty farmhouse Master bedroom with something a little less common.

First, let us talk about the room itself.

When we bought the fixer upper and the Mr. and I took the smallest room with probably the smallest closest.

We wanted our kids to have space, space to play, to do homework, to grow and so on.

We are completely fine with this decision but, it finally feels like the time has come to make this space ours.

The Master always seems to be last, when really it should be the first.

It is time to make this small room stand out, yet make it flow with the rest of our home and our homes style.

Making a house flow can be a challenge for some. I like to create flow yet defined spaces that reflect each family member all while sticking to the same style of decor.

I tend to be a huge neutral fan, while the rest of my family loves color. So, when I was creating these art pieces, I added elements I knew the hubby loved, and of course elements I loved. It is important that both members of the room feel like the space is theirs. For the first art piece I used a white tea towel. I started by making rough outlining random squares, that I filled in and painted with Chalk Paint. This step is not necessary but, I felt like being extra.

Once I had all my squares painted, I decided I personally did not like the sharp lines. I took my painted tea towel, rinsed it carefully in cold water, and let it dry in the sun. It ended up looking like this, and I was thrilled.

It was the perfect backdrop and what I sort of envisioned. I then went through all my scrap fabrics. I knew I was saving them for a rainy day, and that day has come.

If you do not hold on to random fabric pieces most craft stores sell premeasured squares or remnants of larger orders.

I started this art piece by laying out the painted pattern towel, then I layered on a piece of white frayed fabric, then I framed it with an inexpensive matted poster frame.

I also did two more smaller versions using the same black painted tea towel and some of the same random pieces of fabric.

This is how they turned out.

The possibilities are truly endless. You can use whatever fabrics you'd like to make this your own. Different textures, colors, combinations, that fit your home and style. You really can play around and make your art, your own.

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