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DIY T.V Frame

Tap, tap, tap..... is thing on?

Let me start off with, I haven't written a blog post since March, 2022. That's a 7 month break. Yikes.

I'll explain one day, and spill all of the details on trying to micromanage everything while the husband has been away on deployment, but, for now let's jump back in with a fun DIY.

We've all seen the infamous T.Vs floating around on social. The T.V's with the beautiful art work and the ornate frames.

Maybe you're like me and once has been sitting in your Amazon cart for a year plus.

No matter how beautiful these art t.v's are I could never get myself to pull the plug and purchase. The size I would have found fitting for our home and entertainment needs would have cost me about $1,500 then add in the beautiful ornate frame that would have been an additional $500 cost. So, $2,000 roughly for a t.v just didn't sound appealing or practical for me.

Like many, we are a one income household. We live within our means and understand many of you are like us.

We like expensive things but, we make sacrifices of having expensive things so, I can be home with the kids.

With all of that said, that doesn't mean I can't make things we already have look amazing and just as beautiful.

That's exactly what I did with this DIY.

Our t.v is fairly new and has amazing picture quality, I just needed to create a frame to make it aesthetically pleasing.

Here's how I did it:

I purchase from my local hardware store the cheapest of the cheap MDF trim boards at .95¢ a foot. The amount you'll need will depend on your T.V size and the width of the molding you pick. ( to measure for this project make sure you measure the outside dimensions of the t.v so the tv screen fits within the frame window and make sure you add to your length to accommodate the 45° cuts.)

To make those 45° cuts I used this miter box

To secure my frame I then used these flat L corner brace.

Now that my frame was built I had to come up with a way to attach it to the T.v.

On the back side of the frame I added a thin scrap piece of wood. This was going to act as the "stopper"

I then measured the depth(thickness) of the T.v and used more scrap pieces of trim and made a bracket like this.

This is where I would slide the T.V into and hold the frame to the T.V.

Next was the fun part, it was time to paint my frame.

I paninted the whole frame black then used antique Rub n buff to create the antique gold edges.

Once my frame was fully dry, it was the moment of truth... Did this DIY become a win or a massive fail?

I'm going with a massive win!

To add the art on the T.V I just go to YouTube and in the search bar I type in "antique T.v art"

There are so many wonderful videos to choose from and they normally play for an hour or sometimes longer with multiple images.

If you love this DIY head on over to my IG and tell me what you think. I'd love to hear if you'll be making a frame for your T.v too!

Thank you so much for stopping by and visiting me here at

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