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DIY Organic Modern Accent Chairs “The Lady”

After sharing on Instagram I am excited to share here on the blog our DIY Organic Modern Accen

t Chairs. Let us name them 'The Lady" after one of our farm kitties.

I am going to start with a little disclaimer, the dimensions of your chairs are going to fluctuate based on the cushion you end up picking. I cheated when it came to the cushion. I went to my local At Home Store decor retail store and picked out a thick outdoor seat cushion. so, just make sure you adjust your measurements accordingly to the cushion size if need be.

Now I am not going to bore you with some extremely long blog post story about how much I love these chairs. There are no words I can type out that can express or will explain my love for these but, what I will share is how we came about making them.

I came to my husband and said " in the fifteen years of marriage we have yet to have new and matching accent chairs" I showed him what I wanted and his jaw literally hit the floor bounced back up and slapped him in the face, haha

I am kidding well, kind of. The chairs I showed him were $1,300 apiece. He thought I was going crazy or joke, or maybe both but then he said I can make those! So, for about $125 total I said "deal" and accepted his bargain and that is when the magic happen.

Now it is your turn to build!

What you will need for this project for 2 chairs

~ 12- 2x4x8's

~ A pocket hole tool ( we used Kreg)

~ Pocket hole screws at 2-1/2in (we used these screws)

~Satin (here is the stain I used)

~Cushion x 2

You can also use wood biscuits or plugs for the pocket holes, we skipped this because I don't mind the holes.

• Step 1:

Start by pre-cutting your 2x4's down to these sizes,

four pieces to 28"

ten pieces to 25"

four pieces to 26 1/2"

Set depth measurements that is recommended for pocket hole jig.

• Step 2:

We like to pre-sand all of our wood pieces before assembling, it makes it easier and saves time in end

• Step 3: it is time to assemble.

Start with two basic square frames, (top 28") (bottom 26 1/2") next you'll add a centerpiece to hold the frames together that pieces will be your ground support.

Next you'll measure out your seat height so from the bottom (bottom being where you added the ground support bar) on up you'll measure 12" to the top of the 2x4.

• Step 4: In between your two square frames you're going to add a 25" piece to each side at 12" high from the ground up.

•Step 5: Next you are going to add two backrest pieces from your pre-cut wood pile. The backrest pre-cut wood size is 25" for both pieces. You will attach one to the very top of the chair then the next back piece will be attached with 2" spacing between the top piece and the second piece.

•Step 6: Now you should be down to 5 pieces of wood this will be your seat. start by attaching the front then back pieces making sure to go flush at to the edge then you will attach the remaining three pieces with about 2-1/2" spaced between each support bar.

That is it you're done, now you can go directly to staining since we already pre-sanded.

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