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DIY marble backsplash.

Updated: Nov 30, 2021

Keeping in with this weeks marble theme, I’m finally spilling the details about our new kitchen backsplash.

We all know marble can be expensive. In fact the cheapest tile I found for a backsplash was $5.99 A sq ft. If you have followed me on social media for awhile now, you already know there is no way I was going to pay that much. so, it was time for me to think outside of the box a bit.

When brainstorming ideas, I thought of a peel and stick marble tile I had used before in our walk-through pantry. I figured why not give the same tile a try as a backsplash.

The only problem, it came in 12x12 squares and I needed 3x6in tiles.

Then I remembered how easy those tiles were to cut during my previous project, so I figured I could cut them down to a 3x6 inch tile, and it worked!

I was thrilled!

Now the how to:

This is the box of tile I bought. (click the image to take you to the product.)

Like I mentioned above I started by measuring out my tiles. For one 12x12in square I was able to get six 3x6in tiles.

Next, after I had my straight lines, I cut out my tiles using a good utility knife.

I did find if easier to cut along the back side vs. the front of the tiles.

Once I had all of my tiles cut out I went ahead and pre-laid out my tiles to make sure I liked the pattern.

Now the fun part, it’s time to lay the tiles on the wall. I started along a straight level line.

To apply the tiles to the wall I made 3 dots of liquid nail glue that was made for glueing panels. I went with glue vs grout because this was a peel and stick. The adhesive on the tile wasn’t strong enough for the wall.

To keep my pattern evenly spaced out, I also went ahead and used tile spacers. I used these ones found here.

Once I got all of my tile on, I waited roughly about 20 hours to 24hours before I grouted. I wanted to make sure that glue was nice and dry.

for the grout, I went with a bright white premixed grout. you can find it here.

It took me roughly two days from start to finish. The total cost for the entire kitchen was round $42 before tax.

Box of tile- $26

Premixed grout-$12

Tile spacers -$4

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