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DIY canvas rug

I’ve been eyeing these gorgeous flat woven, canvas type rugs for some time now but, I just couldn’t get myself to spend the type of money needed to purchase one, it just wasn’t in the budget.

Let’s be real here, I decorate on a budget so, when a rug is over $700 that’s a big no for me.

but, that’s when my creative brain goes “ I can make that” And I can make it affordable.

All it took was a canvas drop cloth, some painters tape, paint and Polycrylic and for $30 I had a new rug!

Here is how. start off by prewashing and drying your canvas, I didn’t do this and I really wish I would have.

Now once washed and dried, lay out your canvas but, be sure to lay something protective underneath like a plastic drop cloth.

next your going to tape off all around the edges. This will help hold your canvas in place too.

Now this is where you can get creative with your design. I went for a simple striped look. I measured 8” off the left seam then 8” off of the right seam and taped. That way both strip starting points were the exact same.

Next I started to measure and tape off my stripes. My stripes are 2” wide

Here is how it looked once I was done taping.

Once I had my design exactly how I wanted it, it was time for the fun part, bring on the paint!

I used chalk paint but I honestly think any latex paint would work great too. I was honestly really nervous for this part. I didn’t know if this was going to work, was the paint going to bleed through!? Was this all a waste of time!? Ek! All of the emotion.

I patiently waited for the paint to dry. Once fully dry I wanted an extra layer of protection, so I went over the painted areas with a polyurethane.

And again patiently waited for that to fully dry. next I hand washed the rug in a bucket outside hung to dry and that is when I got excited. It worked! It was time to lay the rug down.

To make sure the rug didn’t slide or trip anyone I laid down a non slip rug pad, and lined the edges of the rug with rug tape. This also helped smooth out any wrinkles.

I was over the moon excited, it worked. It all worked. Now I have the organic rug I wanted and I saved a fortune by doing it myself.

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