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DIY budget friendly bookcase built ins.

I love me a good DIY, and one’s that are extremely budget friendly too! I wanted built ins along a focal wall in our dining room from the moment we bought our fixer upper.

We even tried to salvage the original ones that were in this room when we bought this home. Unfortunately, we were unsuccessful in this due to the way they were built.

Here’s a look at the room before we touched it.

I’m a very visual person. I have to sometimes see things in it’s place with something temporary before making a final choice.

So, before I started this project I had set up these two metal/wood shelves in the dining room along the back focal wall.

I lived with them for a few weeks to make sure this was what I wanted for the long haul and of course I fell in love. Now, I couldn’t wait to get started on the built ins.

Building the built ins.

We purchased three of these bookcases from Target for $35 each, built them according to the directions, and spaced them out along the wall.

The spacing or the amount of bookcases needed for this project will vary due to every home being uniquely different. To cover the spaces in between the bookcases we used a 4x8 sheet of sanded pine plywood. For our space we had to rip down the plywood to 10” strips. We used a brad nailer to attach the plywood to bookcase.

Once all of the front coverings were on we trimmed the sides with some 2“ trim boards and painted all of the wood with Behr Ultra Pure White in Satin. It was a good color match to the already white bookcases. We we’re done with this project within 24 hours! Just in time for me to decorate them for Christmas

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