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DIY Advent Calendar

Updated: Nov 30, 2021

Advent, what does it actually mean? Advent in Latin means 'Coming'. Advent is the coming of Jesus into the world. He is the reason why all of us are here at Silver Creek Cottage, and why many of you celebrate, Christmas.

There are many traditions surrounding Advent, and one of my favorites is creating a new calendar with my kids each year. A calendar where we can count down the days together until Jesus’s birth. This year’s calendar was a lot of fun to make and here’s how we did it. What we used: I purchased two packages of pillow box envelopes, letter seal stickers, save the date number stickers and some Christmas themed scrapbook paper.

Since the pillow box envelopes come in packets of 12, I didn’t want to over buy, so I bought 2 packages then, over by the checkouts at Hobby Lobby they carry pillow box gift card holders in sets of 3, so I am able to have 2 extra just incase there were any errors.

To make the boxes fit with the theme of our home and our Christmas decor. We picked out a scrapbook paper that we all felt resembled our home then we traced the outline of the boxes onto the back of the scrapbook paper.

We cut the paper out, and simply glued it onto the front of the pillow box.

Once I had all of my paper glued on, I added the gold letter seal stickers to the center. I didn’t measure or anything, I just eyed it.

Next, I added my “save the date” number stickers to the middle.

Next, it was time to put our pillow boxes on twine, and fill the boxes with goodies. To put the twine on, I strung it all the way through the box, closed one end and put the candies in the box and then folded in the other end.

I repeated this step 25 times.

It went fairly quickly and it looks so cute too.

Will you start a Advent calendar tradition in your home too? I would love to hear about your Advent traditions, come tell me over on Instagram. Thanks for stopping by, and reading the blog today, friends.


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