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DIY $17 blanket ladder

I’ve come to the conclusion I have really expensive taste when it comes to home decor but, I don’t have the will to actually pay full price for decor items.

I have been wanting a new blanket ladder for some time now. I did find the perfect one, but the one I found has been siting in my cart for weeks. I loved it so much but couldn’t get myself to pay $146.99 for it.

I have gave myself a decor budget, and if I bought this exact ladder that would have taken a big chuck of my monthly budget. Of course I had a solution for this. I was going to make my own. Thank goodness I did, friends I was able to make a dupe for $17! I already had the paint and stain on hand so all I needed to do was buy some wood and metal pipes.

What I used for this project was:

one 1x4x8 ( ripped down in half)

two 1/2”x5’ electrical conduits. eight 1/2“ conduit holders ( I don’t know the technical name for these so we’ll just call them this, haha)

of course some screws


stain and spray paint.

I started by cutting the 4in wide board in half to make it a 2in board.

Then I made my frame. The frame is 70” tall and 21” wide

Here is a closer look at how I made the frame. I pre drilled my holes so I didn’t split the wood.

Then I cut down my electrical conduit to 19”

I laid my frame down flat and pre drilled out my placement for were I wanted my cross bars to go.

I was extremely happy with the placement so it was time to take the bars back off, stain the wood and paint the bars. I went with my favorite Hazelwood stain from Home Depot

and a flat black spray paint.

I spray painted the bars black, for a bit of a modern touch but, you could honestly do any color combination on this and it would look awesome.

Once everything was dry I reassembled the cross bars.

That was it, I was done. I got the ladder I wanted and I didn’t use up all of my monthly decor budget. Can we say score!

Here it is finished and then place inside our home.

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