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Clay knots

I was on a hunt and the hunt fell short. There is a beautiful home decor line at one of my favorite big box stores, the store with the red bullseye, the store that just magically sucks you in and you some how you spend $300 at, even though you only went in for shampoo.. yea that store.. it has a decor line that happened to have these amazing limestone decor knots. But you guessed it they were sold out and have been for weeks. I grew impatient waiting for them to come back in stock and said well, I can make those! It is no secret that I love imperfections and organic material when it comes to decorating. So I knew clay would be my go to source to making the perfect knots. I am not skilled with clay at all, I had a former military wife friends who took a class on clay that invited a few wives to a few of her homework classes but that’s it, that’s all I knew. I essentially know nothing. So here we go I ran to my local craft store and that’s when I found this clay at Hobby Lobby

I grabbed this clay cause there was no firing needed.

Now here is how I made my knots

• I took about a quarter of the block and then divided into two even pieces • I hand rolled each divided piece into a ball, like you would a meatball

• Next I started rolling out my clay by rubbing my hands back and forth until I had roughly a 3 1/2 inch to 4 inch diameter. Once your strands are even in shape and length you can now connect the two pieces.

I was able to secure my ends with water and gently rubbing my ring finger along the clay to smooth out the connection lines. Dry time is going to vary depending on humidity, air temp, and thickness I let mine dry for 3 days before painting with an acrylic craft paint.

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