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Cafe curtains

Does it seem cafe curtains are the latest trend alert?

If you’re like me then you may remember them hanging in your grandparents kitchen once upon a time, and they maybe aren’t so new to you.

They definitely seem to be growing in popularity and making a strong come back here in 2022, one comeback I am personally here for!

What exactly are Cafe curtains?

Cafe curtains are window coverings that date back to the early 19th century.

typically found in old cafes and coffee shops.

They have the distinction from a classic curtain of being hung on a rod across the middle of the window rather than at the top of the window.

They are typically hung by rings and made from so many different materials from cotton, velvet to lace. The idea of a Cafe curtain is to give privacy all while letting natural light shine through. It’s an informal yet, simple, laid back, cozy and welcoming touch to any kitchen. I recently added Cafe curtains to our modern cottage kitchen and you already know I did it on a budget.

Here is what I used for our cafe curtains. For the curtains I used linen dish towels from Amazon. The reason I went with a dish towels is because, they were affordable, they were the look and linen fabric I was wanting plus, I didn’t have to sew anything because, they were already the perfect size.

Next, I purchased ring curtain hooks.

For the hooks, I removed them from the ring with a pair of needle nose pliers, and bent the actual hook part to fit the curtain rod.

The reason I skipped the rings is because, they were just too big for the rod I had picked, and wasn’t really the look I wanted. I also bought, an expensive Cafe curtain rod and that’s it, that’s all I used.

Below you can tap each image to take you directly to the products I used.

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