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Updated: Nov 30, 2021

Hey! I’m Melissa Kristyne. Born in sunny Southern California but raised a Cornhusker loving Nebraskan.

I am married to my amazing husband Walter, and we have three beautiful children together.

Fenix, Lela and Amabella. We also have 14 hens, 2 dogs named, Snow and Trooper and 3 barn cats, named Lady, Gracie and Cookie.

I’ve always had a great love for all things home decor and DIY. It all started with one pallet. I shared an idea about a table with my husband and he thought I was crazy. Once that project was done I was hungry for more, and that hunger for more hasn’t stopped yet.

With my blog I hope to share some of these easy do it yourself projects on a budget, everyday living ideas, tips and tricks for decorating, gardening, cleaning, organizing, and cooking.

We recently bought a fixer upper in rural Iowa. not too far from my home of Omaha, Nebraska. We are taking this fixer upper journey day by day, one project at a time. We are doing all of the work ourselves so, we are also tackling things as time is allowing us


Our family is far from picture perfect, but we find so much beauty in the crazy journey of life.

We really love sharing our journey in hopes it will help other families know that they aren’t alone on their own journey and to maybe help shine a bit of hope that dreams and goals are achievable every single day.

This blog is my outlet and happy place where I share our journey through DIY projects, my love for decor, & so much more. Thanks for coming along for the ride, and for being here apart of our story. -Xo

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